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LIVE WILDLIFE CAMERAS now being tested

11th August 2015

Welcome to our live multi wildlife camera system.

Release Aviary has been kindly Sponsored by Exotic Direct Insurance - Find out more

When night falls, watch out for wild Tawny Owls, Bagders, Foxes, Deer and more

Behind the scenes we have set up a number of live cameras that can be switched to send live videos to the player above. Here you can observe live, the re-release of 6 orphaned Tawny Owls that were placed in our care. The release aviary is a safe place where these inexperienced Tawny Owls can learn & understand the wild environment they will soon be released into. They will be in the release aviary until 22nd Sept & after that we will release them to the wild where they belong.

The purpose of the camera set up is so we all can witness & learn about what happens before & after they are released. If we release them too early, their survival could be cut short, this we don't want to happen as we firmly believe a soft release is better for long term survival!!

If you catch the timing right, you should be able witness the behaviour of a pair of wild Tawny Owls visiting the release aviary, this will be an attack on them as they are in their territory, during late September, the territory status will be less, & this makes it a good time to set the 6 Orphaned Tawny Owls free. We have also added a number of cameras to observe Badgers, Foxes, Deer and other species that visit the Tawny Owl release site. In addition we now have a camera live on a Swallows nest with young.



Please note that we will encounter some technical issues along the way as we work to make our live Wildlife Cameras more stable and robust.

Thank you for visiting this page, for viewing & for any kind donation you are able give to support our work.




GET INVOLVED -Great opportunities for the future

27th May 2015

Fundraising Volunteers Wanted
We are currently looking for fundraisers to help promote and raise funds for Owls and for our charity.
• Do you love working in the community?
• Do you want to help make a difference?
• Do you have any spare time in the week or at weekends?

The Barn Owl Centre is about to embark on its biggest step forward in its 17 year history with the freehold purchase of Netheridge Farm, which is the home of our charity.

Our future aim will be to enhance our connectivity with the wider community by.
• Creating added on-site facilities to support Education, Conservation and Bird Welfare.
• To publicly open a unique Barn Owl Centre for all to enjoy.
• To increase external activities both locally and UK wide to further our support to protect and to conserve Owls.
• To offer employment opportunities and to create apprenticeships schemes.

We are embarking on an exciting journey with realistic ambitions and for this reason we are looking for up and coming members of the public to assist us in raising the required funds to help take the Barn Owl Centre forward.

If you think you have what it takes to get involved in a fun filled close knit team then please contact Jim Homer on 01452 383999 or send an email to

Workshop Volunteers Wanted

We are looking for one or possibly two volunteers that have good woodworking experience.

With the expansion of our workshop we need help from skilled or semi skilled people that are confident using tools such as nail guns & cross cut saws, etc. For the right people, this could lead to full time employment.

If you have any spare time on your hands and would like to offer help at the Barn Owl Centre, please call 01452 383999 and ask to speak to Vincent Jones.

All travelling expenses will be reimbursed.

Please get in touch & become part of the team at the Barn Owl Centre.


Barn Owl Centre adds 2 new trustees to charity

10th May 2014

Charity Announcement
Exciting times ahead with 2 new trustees now added to the Barn Owl Centre.

On the evening of Thursday 8th May 2014, an important meeting was held to take us from 4 trustees to 6 trustees. The additional trustees are.

Kevin Treadwell
Kev has been a great friend & over many years has offered valuable time & so much voluntary support for which we are indebted. Kev is a professional photographer who works at The Flash Centre in Birmingham. His passion shown for our birds & his commitment in supporting the Barn Owl Centre is second to none, so to have Kev on board is a complete honour!!!

Steve Loughlin
Steve has been working very hard behind the scenes as a voluntary consultant, previously he worked as a senior project officer for CAPITA, which is a large plc company. With full focus & determination to help the Barn Owl Centre in helping us to own its property, Steve has been working tirelessly with the negotiations & purchase of Netheridge Farm from Gloucester City Council. He is 99% there with just a simple boundary issue left to resolve, this now has been verbally agreed, which now leaves it to be agreed & signed off by the cabinet of Gloucester City Council. So again, it's a real honour to welcome Steve on board!!!
On behalf of our charity, we would like to thank Gloucester City Council for the support given in helping us to move forward to secure the long term future of the Barn Owl Centre at Netheridge Farm.




The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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