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Our centre is dedicated to the welfare of barn owls & birds of prey

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Interaction with our birds on specially designed nature experiences

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Our birds and centre make the perfect setting for photographers

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5hr Photography Day

The Barn Owl Centre is set in a 12 acre natural venue in the Gloucestershire countryside, we have the perfect location to photograph owls & birds of prey.

2016 Dates for Photography Days

Photography Days are by booking only, bookings need to be made by telephone, which can be done with or without a Gift Voucher, photographers without gift vouchers simply pay on day.

 Dates for Diary  Scheduled Times
 Fri 11th Mar 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 1st April 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 22nd April 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 6th May 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 20th May 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 10th June 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
 Fri 24th June 2016  11am to 4pm (Call for available spaces)
More Dates to be added July, Aug, Sept & Oct dates will be listed here after the 24th June 2016

Infomation for additional dates
More dates get added once we've completed the last date above, next batch of dates for 2016 will support  July, Aug, Sept & Oct with more dates to be added thereafter to support the rest of the year. Watch this space.

Photography Day - the perfect gift idea!

What does our photography day include

  • Species we work with:
    Barn Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, Long Eared Owl, Eagle Owl, Kestrel, Buzzard & the Golden Eagle. (Subject to circumstances & of course availablity)

  • Flight and Natural Stills
    With 17 years of photography experience under our belt, our days are very supportive to amatures, semi pro's & professionals. An assortment of lenses can be used to take some breathtaking images. Lens requirements can be anything from a macro lens right up to 600mm prime lenses.

  • Privacy for Photographers during a Photo Days
    We are not open to the public during any of our Photography Days, this helps to make the day (5hrs approx and sometimes longer) very private for visiting photographers & their guests.

Information regarding your host

Your host will be Vincent Jones, Vince is the founder of the Barn Owl Centre and he is one of the charity's Trustees. Working with Vince on the day will be a small dedicated team who assist in making the Photography Day  enjoyable and successful.

Vince's experience is wide ranging when it comes to knowing the birds and their behaviour. He spearheads the charity's Barn Owl Conservation work programs, he's a professional Bird Trainer plus he is the Barn Owl Centre's in-house Photographer where is images can be viewed throughout this website. With such supportive knowledge and understanding, this simply provides all the qualifications needed to make each of our photography day successful.

The Barn Owl Centre is a great natural venue to photograph Owls and Birds of Prey in wild settings.

A few example images of the birds taken on photography days

Here are just a few of the image we have taken. To see more images like this taken at the Barn Owl Centre, please click here to view our image gallery.

Peregrine Falcon

Buzzard Flight

The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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