The Barn Owl Centre. A registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare

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Bird Welfare

Our centre is dedicated to the welfare of barn owls & birds of prey

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Interaction with our birds on specially designed nature experiences

Photography Days

Our birds and centre make the perfect setting for photographers

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Future plans for The Barn Owl Centre

Working to support the environment, our wildlife & the community through EDUCATION, CONSERVATION & BIRD WELFARE

Becoming owners of Netheridge Farm is our present prioty as this will allow us to invest securely. Link here to our Appeal

Once owned by our charity, life will re-commence with the building of a new Owl Conservation Centre, this will create huge benefits for everyone & most import the wildlife we represent. With our planned on-site facilities, communities of all age groups will benefit through an interactive Educational Centre where people can learn more about Owls, their habitats & their ability to survive in a forever changing countryside. Also we will bring forward a Centre much different than the commercially driven Centre's so many have been used to visiting over the years.

For Gloucestershire & the surrounding counties, our new Centre will become an important asset for everyone especially young children who are the next generation of conservationists.

Developing the Centre

With the temporary Barn Owl Centre successfully up & running & working brilliantly, we are able to continue the charitys work & its activities comfortably with the knowledge that minimal disruption will be caused later on & during future development stages of the farm buildings.

To help with the extra funding needed for future works, we need to look at increasing the charity's income levels so we can meet all future expenditure that will occur, this includes the cost of all future development that is to take place.


Video of Proposed Developments

This video below provides a 3D the dream plan of what we would like the Barn Owl Centre to look like, for this to happen we would need the security from the council & the neccessary support from donors & grant funding


Proposed 3D front elevation showing Entrance View

Proposed 3D design showing inner courtyard with seating areas

Proposed 3D Plan showing view at rear leading to Exit & Educational Building

Plan for new aviaries to include rehabilitation aviaries for wild casualties

Proposed Plans 2009 showing new aviaries & Education/Conservation Centre

Creating paths through 12.5 acres of land for reserve

Spring 2008. Training area for our birds with seating

New Temporary Aviaries

New temporary aviary area

With a great team behind us & with great plans in place, we will soon be entering a journey to build an amazing Barn Owl Centre that will have full facilities.

To support such an exciting project, we need to reach out for all the financial support we can get whether it's a kind donation, a legacy or a supportive grant. Become involved & help us built an interactive Barn Owl Conservation Centre for Gloucestershire, this will have huge benefits to Gloucestershire & surrounding counties. Help us build a special place where wildlife & people of all ages can connect.

The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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