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2hr Photography Workshop (NEW)

NEW for August 2018
2 hour Owl Photography Workshops

To book, call: 01452 383999

Set in a 12 acre natural environment at the Barn Owl Centre, we have a peaceful photography location where Owls can be photographed in natural settings.

Please note that our new 2 hour Photography Workshop is by Pay on Day only & that it operates separately from our normal 5hr Photo Day

Details Below

  • Operates Evenings only from 6pm to 8pm
  • Tuesday through to Sunday (August Only)
    (Subject to weather & availability)
  • Price: Photographers £40
    (Booking only & limited up to 6 photographers)
  • Spectators/Assistants £20
  • This new 2 hour Workshop will be operating for August 2018 & by booking only, all bookings need to be made by calling 01452 383999.

What does our 2 hour Workshop Offer

  • Species we work with based on available:
    Barn Owl, Black Barn Owl, Little Owl, Tawny Owl, Long Eared Owl, European Eagle Owl, African Spotted Eagle Owl, Great Horned Eagle Owl, Boobook Owl and Snowy Owl.

  • Flight & Natural Stills
    The Owls we present are thoughtfully positioned in natural locations around the farm and our aim will be guide each photographer on positioning and what camera settings to use, etc. We do pride ourselves on working with you to get the best image in-camera without having to spend wasted time using computer programs to make your images look better.  With 20 years of photography experience under our belt, our days are very supportive, ton amateurs, semi pro's or professionals. An assortment of lenses can be used during the workshop to capture breathtaking images. Lens requirements can be anything from a macro lens, a kit lens or right up to a 500mm prime lens.

  • Privacy for Photographers during our 2 hour Workshops
    During our 2 hour Workshops, photographers and their guests will be given complete privacy when photographing the Owls.

Information regarding your host

Your host will be Vincent Jones, he is the founder/trustee of the Barn Owl Centre and very dedicated to his work. Accompanying Vince on the day will be a small dedicated team who will be on hand to assist in making your visit enjoyable and successful.

Vince's photography experience is wide ranging and he is especially good when working with the skill levels of amateur, semi-pro's or professional photographers. Also Vince and his team have great knowledge of the Owls and their behaviour, which is key when connecting Owls to photographers or vice versa.

Vince also spearheads the charity's Owl Conservation work programs, he's a professional Bird Trainer plus he's the Barn Owl Centre's in-house Photographer. Vince's images can be viewed throughout this website or on the Barn Owl Centre's Twitter and Facebook site.

With such supportive, knowledge and understanding from a team of dedicated people, this simply provides all the qualifications needed to make each of our Workshops a success.

All funds generated from these Workshops fully support the ongoing work of the Barn Owl Centre (A registered Owl Charity: 1097410)

Below are a few examples showing the type of images that can be taken during the Workshop

The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
Charity. No : 1097410
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