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Writing a Will to Support Owls

As the world is modernising at a much faster pace than Owls can naturally evolve, it's becoming increasingly important to ensure that Owl populations in the long term can feel safe and thrive. Legacies help us support Owls on a daily basis and by allowing us to plan ahead to bring forward important long-term projects. They also provide us with crucial finances when unexpected challenges arise, enabling us to respond swiftly to Owls in urgent need.

Leaving a legacy to the Barn Owl Centre is a profoundly meaningful way to make a difference. It's a final opportunity to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of Owls and support their lives for years to come.

How to Leave a Legacy or Bequest to the Barn Owl Centre

How can I leave a legacy?

The best way to leave a legacy is by making a Will in which you specify what you wish to bequest to our charity. Your wishes need to be clearly set out on paper (preferably in a Will) so that those who administer your Will can easily follow your documented instructions.

How to make a Will

There are various ways to make a Will:

  • Consult a Solicitor
  • Contact a Will-making company
  • Download a blank Will form from the Internet

Details needed to leave a gift/legacy to our charity:

Barn Owl Centre
Netheridge Farm
Netheridge Close

Please provide our Charity Number
Registered charity number: 1097410

Already made a Will?
If you already have a Will and wish to leave a legacy to the Barn Owl Centre, you can simply add a Codicil to your existing Will. A solicitor can advise you on how to do this.

More information

For more information about us before leaving a legacy or donating in memory to the Barn Owl Centre, please contact us on 01452 383999 or email us at

The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
Charity. No : 1097410
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