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Owl Ecology

Possibly? the best Owl friendly Rat Poison

Short tailed Vole

Young Short tailed Voles in a ground nest


Barn Owl with a caught Vole

Young Barn Owl found in a tree house

2ft thick of Owl Pellets found in an old tree house

A wild Little Owl coughing up or regurgitating an Owl Pellet

Little Owl Pellet

Tawny Owl Pellets, these are an irregular shape

Little Owl Pellets, note the beetle wings on the outside of the pellets

Barn Owl Pellets, these are black & oval shaped.

Owl Pellets

Tawny Owl Pellets

Magpie & Jackdaw wings & legs found in a Tawny Owl Nest Box

Barn Owl Pellet

The fur being seperated from the bones of a Barn Owl Pellet

Rodents Skulls & Lower Jaw Bones

Layout of Mammal Skulls & Jaw Bones

Bones from Barn Owl Pellet

Complete Vole skull showing lower jaw bone intact

Underside of Skull showing the Voles teeth

Lower Jaw Bone of Vole Skull

Lower Jaw Bone of a Shrew, note the red teeth

Lower Jaw bone of a Short Tailed Vole

Side profile of a Short taile Vole Skull

Top part of a Short tailed Vole Skull

Showing the teeth of a short tailed vole

Barn Owl Feathers

Nest box within the corner of hay barn

Release aviary to support rehabilitated wild casualties

Owl Boxes are made at the Centre to support nationwide projects

Young tree plantations create great rough areas to support Short-tailed Voles

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The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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