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Our centre is dedicated to the welfare of barn owls & birds of prey

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Interaction with our birds on specially designed nature experiences

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Our birds and centre make the perfect setting for photographers

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Adopting our birds is a beautiful gift

Adopting an Owl or Bird of Prey is a great way to support the birds cared for in our Sanctuary and makes the perfect gift for anyone who simply wants the best for our feathered friends.

By adopting one of our birds, it helps us connect them to new friends who adore them and generates the important funds that are needed to give them the 24 hour-care they rightly deserve.

Adoptees will receive the following

1. A 12 month Adoption that can be renewed.
2. A letter of thanks that also provides a brief description of the Owl or Bird of Prey adopted.
3. A personalised Adoption Certifiate for the adoptee.
4. Free entry to the Centre by arrangement, where all visits will bring you into the bird's life. During any visit, you will be able to learn so much whilst getting a better understanding of how our dedicated sanctuary works and how you, the adoptee have helped. This makes each visit quite special,very personalised and most importantly, educational.

Our birds love to meet and connect with new friends, especially friends who adopt them!

Click on either the left menu or the images below to select which birds can be Adopted at The Barn Owl Centre.

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The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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