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Our charity is small yet it works with it's feet firmly on the ground tirelessly, covering 17hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We are dedicated to support Owls in the wild through endless conservation work whilst we also offer care & support at our sanctuary to over 50 unwanted or abused captive bred Owls & Birds of Prey. Through no fault of their own, our birds are handed in after being passed around as pets, many arrive after being mistreated or badly handled, sadly this is a situation that is increasing year after year due to a relentless & expanding commercial Pet trade of Owls & Birds of Prey.
Below is a brief summary of what we do & how people support us, with every day that passes & with costs always increasing, support is paramount & it needs to be ongoing so we can thrive to be there for the birds & for those who need our help.

How we are funded: Our finances are gained from visitors who book into experiences, Photo Days & from people who kindly adopt our birds at our Sanctuary. We also receive funds through nest box sales & by small kind donations pledged. External fundraising events & donations are a huge support too but in the world of credit cards, donations are becoming more difficult because many supporters carry credit cards. With regards to receiving legacies or gifts in-kind in memory, this is an area we don't chase because we don't like asking, & also because we think it's intrusive to ask when families loose someone close. For us to receive a legacy or a gift in-kind, it would be a real life changer for everything we do.
Sanctuary & Workforce: Manual help is always greatly appreciated, all help provided comes in different ways especially as we progress to build a special kind of Centre for which is dedicate to support mistreated pet bird & of course wildlife too. Facilities are always improving to include much need changes to our bird aviaries, welfare areas for the birds, indoor & outdoor flying & training areas for our birds, all are important areas where we work to educate all ages of the community.
Conservation: To date we have now close to 6,500 Owl Nest Noxes positioned UK wide to support landowners who work do their bit to encourage nesting Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Little Owl & Kestrels.
Wild Rescues: With regards to wild rescued birds & their rehabilitation, this is always an ongoing task & very precious to us. The results we gain in getting injured or sick birds back to the wild is sometimes difficult depending on the injuries sustained, in all our results are very positive with good outcomes. To assist this work we build a number of special mobile release aviaries & erect them at selected project sites, this can support a safe & successful release back to the wild, where the birds belong.

When kindly donating to our charity you can rest assured that it supports a hardworking & dedicated charity.

If you are looking to offer support to a small working charity involved in real day to day Education, Conservation & Bird Welfare you have found us!

If you have any questions about our charity or about giving a donation or leaving the Barn Owl Centre a gift or legacy, please do not hesitate to pass our details on or contact us on 01452 383999. If you wish to write to us, please send to: Barn Owl Centre: Netheridge Farm. Netheridge Close. Hempsted. Gloucester. GL2 5LE.
Personal Visits are welcome, simply call us & we would love to show you around so we can give you a close insight into our work!

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The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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