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About our Sanctuary

In Memory of Gyzmo 1995 - 2014 RIP
In Memory of Gyzmo 1995 - 2014 RIP

We provide a specialised Sanctuary for Owls and Birds of Prey

Our Sanctuary exists to support a large number of captive-bred birds that have been placed in our care as either unwanted pets or those handed to us from court cases where they have been legally confiscated due to cruelty or mistreatment.

Due to the nature of some of our birds' behaviour and their history, our Sanctuary cannot open to the public like a Zoo. It is a Sanctuary where the birds can work with a small team of carers who work tirelessly to help rehabilitate them and regain their trust in people. Whilst some are faster than others in their rehabilitation and others simply rebel, we never give up which means life in the Sanctuary ticks along at the birds' pace, not ours.

With some of the birds that have gone through the process of successful rehabilitation and re-training, this links to visitors entering the Sanctuary by booking into one of our Barn Owl Centre Experiences or visiting through the Adoption schemes we offer, both Experiences and Adoptions bring amazing guests plus a bit of financial support for birds that are unable to work with the General Public.

Supporting rescued captive-bred birds that have come in from the growing pet trade creates many challenges, which we address day by day. What we do have, which is very special is a relaxing and safe environment where pre-booked visitors/guests can relax and unwind in a friendly and educational environment. When people book in or visit their adopted birds, this helps toward the birds' welfare and their Sanctuary.

The ethos of our Sanctuary with help from a special Barn Owl called Gyzmo, which was set up in 1997, is to operate it with feet firmly on the ground, the work of our charity is very simple, BIRD WELFARE - CONSERVATION - EDUCATION.

With all birds, if they accept the help offered that can enable them to regain their trust in people, this is a real bonus to the birds and their carers as it adds confidence going forward. For the birds that struggle in their re-training, the bird carers will always take steps not to expose them to mental trauma because it is important they are never forced to please people. All birds are of equal importance to one another.

In addition, all birds that enter our Sanctuary will be offered a permanent home here for the duration of their life. This is what we have always offered and honoured and, most impotantly, the birds thank us for the security we offer them in their own way.

To learn more about our Experiences and to learn more about the Sanctuary and our birds  - Click Here
To kindly adopt one of our birds - Click Here
You can also call us on 01452 383999 between 9am & 9pm daily

To learn more about the founder of our devoted Sanctuary, please Click Here

Please find below a number of images showing a small number of our Owls and Birds of Prey that are supported at our Sanctuary, please note that these images are in no set order & not in order of species type.

Tawny Owl named Harry

Harris Hawk named Sid

Vermiculated Eagle Owl named Damian

Lanner Falcon named Bonnie

Great Horened Eagle Owl named Elsie

Harris Hawk named Mrs Harris

Gyr Saker Falcon named Clyde

Long Eared Owl named Connie

Peregrin Falcon named Bell

European Buzzard named Leighton

Red Tailed Hawk named Suzie

Tawny Owl named Ollie

European Buzzard named Pringle

Snowy Owl named Sweeny

Snowy Owl named Snowes

Long Eared Owl named Tess

Barn Owl named Gizmo

Barn Owl named Casper

Barn Owl named Barny

Black Barn Owl Named Ashley

Great Horned Eagle Owl Named Rose

Golden Eagle named Ron

African Spotted Eage Owl named T-Spot

African Spotted Eagle Owl named Mamba

European Eagle Owl named Mr Clarke

Boobook Owl named Arthur

European Eagle Owl named Turner

Little Owl named Ali

European Eagle Owl named Kaln

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