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2016 - ECO Barn Owl Boxes - Well Ventilated plus thermal protected to keep cool during the hottest days

1st January 2016

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As an extra addition to our Eco range of Owl Boxes, we have launched this new ECO design for 2017, this being a deeper external ECO Barn Owl Box (Ref EcoT).

As well as being an ECO Box, we have taken the design of our indoor Barn Owl Box & designed an external version with new inspection & cleaning openingt, this we feel makes life a little safer when nest box inspections or cleaning of the box takes place.

This Barn Owl Nest Box adds choice to our customers whilst adding much more to the range of Eco, timber & plywood nest boxes we already make & supply UK wide.

The huge benefits are that it's a lighter Owl Box & the main structure of the box is made from quality & durable recycled plastic that has superior thermal insulation and heat retaining properties.

With a well thought out & constructed design put in by our experienced conservation team, they have produced a great Barn Owl Box.

Here's a list of great benefits to our 'Specially designed' ECO Barn Owl Box

  • Well ventilated with excellent thermal protection to cope with heatwaves
  • Robust in design & lighter than timber or plywood Owl Boxes.
  • ECO friendly, durable, washable & longer lasting, which means the Owl Box will not rot.
  • Waterproof & well ventilated to combat the harshest of UK weather conditions.
  • Superior thermal insulation to keep the Owl Box cool during hot weather conditions.
  • Ventalated ECO floor, designed to offer strength & designed to provide airflow to combat moisture build up from Owl Pellets or any condensation issues from nest debris.
  • Made from quality & durable recycled, reclyable 9mm ECO Stokbord that has superior thermal insulation and heat retaining properties.
  • Through a lot of hard work, our conservation team have professionally tested this Recycled Barn Owl Box over time against any drawbacks such as especially heat & condensation, the results gained have proved hugely positive in support of the welfare of Owls & their young.
  • Recycled Stokbord is chemical free, making it non toxic to Owls & all wildlife.
  • Requires no protective treatment or staining, which is a huge bonus as the years go by!
  • Comes with a 'robust' fixing bracket system made from solid timber.
  • Easy to install & much lighter to handle when using internally or externally.
  • Comes with a well designed ECO inspection hatch plus a detachable ECO roof for easy access & cleaning, there is no bitumen felt used, which can get very hot in heat summer.
  • Supported with our ECO Stokbord entrance porch that has been specially designed to protect the entrance hole from driving wind & rain. This provides a protective entrance point into the box plus this it allows the ECO Box to be faced in any direction.
  • Each ECO Barn Owl Box is sent out with its unique ID number, this means you can record the ECO Owl Box back to us or to a local project near you. (Recording is Optional)
  • Also & most important, our Owl Conservation team are always on the end of the phone from 9am to 9pm daily to offer important support as & when required. (Tel: 01452 383999)

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Kaln's Urgent Vet Appeal - We need your support!

20th June 2019

Kaln's Urgent Vet Appeal
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Please forgive us for such a poor funding appeal page
Kaln's feeling really ill & we need all the help we can get

With funds always low, it is with huge sadness that we are having to ask our friends for some financial support to help towards vet costs, Kaln needs to be fully examined buy a specialist Avian Vet, which will includes scans & blood tests etc.

Kaln being the powerhouse, showman & free spirit he is, he is not been good today & we are very concerned we could lose him!!

There is something seriously going on internally & we need reach out to our friends & supporters to help us bring Kaln back to health & his happy self.

Kaln is now 23yrs old & still quite young for an Eagle Owl, he's a very fit Owl, always busy with his visitors who enjoy flying him to the gloved hand on experiences or photographing him on Photography Days, more important he's a healthy Eagle Owl but never ill.

As a small charity that works tirelessly looking after some amazing Owls & Birds of Prey in a dedicated sanctuary, it is with hand on heart that we're feeling very worried & scared, we just want him back to himself & flying out in the fields bringing many smiles to people who get to meet & work alongside him. We don't want to lose him!!

With regards to how much we need to raise, we seriously don't know at this point in time, we are in the dark on this & in the dark on the costs of specialist veterinary treatment.

We will of course provide news update to everyone as we go forward so we can keep everyone up to date!!

Massive thanks for any kind support you can give.

Supporting both Owls & Evening Tourism - Perfect Match

29th April 2018

Owls & Local Evening Tourism
The perfect match

Evening Owl Experiences

The Barn Owl Centre is connecting further with local communities, as well as Gloucester City and County tourism, by adding Evening Owl Experiences to the list of events that we hold here at Netheridge Farm.  Operating on a daily basis (during Spring, Summer and Autumn) between 7pm and 9pm, this pre booked experience is for all ages.  A magical opportunity that will allow visitors to experience the Owls at the very best time of day, in amongst the fabulous wildlife environment we have here on the farm.  What better way to relax and enjoy a memorable experience with these magnificent Owls.

All guests that book the experience will discover and learn about the Owls, hearing about the importance of their welfare and conservation, plus much more.  A truly interactive activity, guests will have the birds flying to their gloved hand and depending on timings with our training schedule, some guests may be involved with the training of our less experienced Owls at the Sanctuary. Should the weather not be in our favour, we have a large seated indoor flying area.

If you would like to book or require further information, please call us on 01452 383999 between 9am and 9pm.  All funds raised from all our experiences directly support the Owls and important work of our Charity.

Time of Evening Owl Experience
From 7pm to 9pm
Doors open 7pm

Evenings Only 7 days a week
Telephone bookings only - Cal 01452 383999
Bookings can be made same day subject to availability

Adult £20 (Participant fee)
Child £15 (Aged 4 to 15rs) (Participant fee)
Adult/Child Spectator Fee £10
Booking fee can be made by either card or cash on entry on the day & time booked in
Reference to Participants & Spectators
Participants get to fly Owls & at times can help in the training some amazing Owls
Spectators stay with the participants, but do not iget to fly the Owls.
Children, whether participating or spectating, must be accompanied by a paying adult participant

Please note that our daytime Experiences will not be affected by this new Evening Experience.

Volunteers Wanted

Can you spare a few hours to help out

Office/Admin Volunteer
We are currently looking for an active volunteer who can spare a few hours during the week to help out in the office. If you have good computer skills, good communication skills & enjoy working in an office environment working to support Owls, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 01452 383999

Owl Box Workshop Volunteers
We are currently looking for active volunteers who would enjoy helping out in our busy workshop where we make and assemble a range of Owl Nest Boxes.
Basic carpentry or workshop experience is an advantage but training will be provided.

Volunteers for Nature Reserve
In addition we're also looking for volunteers who can work with us to help maintain the farms natural environment. Tasks include the mowing and upkeep of a long trail of grass paths that gently feed through the farms 12.5 acre nature reserve, other tasks include some habitat management, forexample the pruning of some of the habitat growth that grows out from the nature trails. All Tools and Ground Keeping equipment is supplied

Ideal for people enjoy being active!
The above offers some great opportunities for all ages especially for those who are now retired. We have a great environment that works tirelessly to support wildlife and a sanctuary that supports Owls and Raptors that have come into our sanctuary from a growing Pet Trade.

There is always something to do and to get involved in.

If you're interested or know someone who could be interested, please give us a call to make arrangements to pop over. We would love to show you around and to connect with you to get you actively involved.

Telephone 01452 383999
Office hours are from 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week

Kindest Regards
Vincent Jones
Founding Trustee/Director

The Countess Bathurst joins our charity as Patron

20th September 2016

We are delighted to announce and to welcome The Countess Bathurst @CotswoldLadyB has our Patron.

We feel very honoured to welcome her on board, she is an amazing person to work with, she's very passionate and supportive of our work and the wider community.

To learn more about the Countess Bathurst please visit here

More to follow shortly

Welcome to the re-launch of our long awaited Gloucestershire Owl Project 2016-19

Gloucestershire Owl Conservation Project

Please spread the word if your a Gloucestershire Landowner or an active local Volunteer who enjoys supporting local wildife.

Over the last few months our conservation team have been working very hard behind the scenes in preparing the re-launch of our long awaited Gloucestershire Owl Project 2016-19.

This will be an exciting Owl Project that will run for 3years, our aim is to connect this project to would be volunteers & to local communities across the county of Gloucestershire.

Our dedicated conservation team have finalised a working plan to bring forward a very large scale Owl Project that will provide much needed support for Gloucestershire's Barn Owls, Tawny Owls, Little Owls & Kestrels.

As we move forward we will report the progess of our project by creating news stories that will be backed up with images & video footage.

If you wish to support or get involved as an active team player, please give us a call on 01452 383999.

For anyone kind enough that is able offer the project a supportive donation, please (CLICK HERE)

Workshop Volunteers Wanted

If you are interested in volunteering your time & have the skills we require to make this project a real success, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are looking for one or possibly two additional volunteers that have reasonable or good woodworking experience, full training will be provided.

With the expansion of our workshop we need help from skilled or semi skilled people that are confident using tools such as nail guns & cross cut saws, etc.

If you have any spare time on your hands and would like to offer your time, please call 01452 383999 and ask to speak to Vincent Jones.

All travelling expenses occurred will be reimbursed.

Please get in touch & become part of a great Conservation team at the Barn Owl Centre.


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