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Our centre is dedicated to the welfare of barn owls & birds of prey

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Kaln's Urgent Vet Appeal - We need your support!

Kaln's Urgent Vet Appeal
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Please forgive us for such a poor funding appeal page
Kaln's feeling really ill & we need all the help we can get

With funds always low, it is with huge sadness that we are having to ask our friends for some financial support to help towards vet costs, Kaln needs to be fully examined buy a specialist Avian Vet, which will includes scans & blood tests etc.

Kaln being the powerhouse, showman & free spirit he is, he is not been good today & we are very concerned we could lose him!!

There is something seriously going on internally & we need reach out to our friends & supporters to help us bring Kaln back to health & his happy self.

Kaln is now 23yrs old & still quite young for an Eagle Owl, he's a very fit Owl, always busy with his visitors who enjoy flying him to the gloved hand on experiences or photographing him on Photography Days, more important he's a healthy Eagle Owl but never ill.

As a small charity that works tirelessly looking after some amazing Owls & Birds of Prey in a dedicated sanctuary, it is with hand on heart that we're feeling very worried & scared, we just want him back to himself & flying out in the fields bringing many smiles to people who get to meet & work alongside him. We don't want to lose him!!

With regards to how much we need to raise, we seriously don't know at this point in time, we are in the dark on this & in the dark on the costs of specialist veterinary treatment.

We will of course provide news update to everyone as we go forward so we can keep everyone up to date!!

Massive thanks for any kind support you can give.

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