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Barn Owl Manor

The Barn Owl Manor 'Built for Barn Owls'

Specially designed & built by the Barn Owl Centre's & its conservation team.
With positive nest results gained from all project sites covering many parts of the UK, we feel very proud that we have designed a very special Barn Owl home for landowners & their Barn Owls, eliminating the problems encountered by Jackdaws & Squirrels.

Material News
From 26th May 2020, all our external Plywood Nest Boxes will be constructed from Duraply to help sustain longevity. With Duraply being a more expensive material, it will offer both our customers & most important, the Owls & other wildlife, a much higher end product that is ultra-durable to support the natural environment & demanding weather conditions nest boxes will face!

Important Note
Our price of £750 excludes delivery & installation, for this service please call us on 01452 383999.

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The Barn Owl Centre is a registered charity dedicated to community education, conservation and bird welfare
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